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Some pre website development considerations

When embarking on a website project for a business or organisation there are quite a number of questions to ask and depending on the questions and the answers it could make significant difference in the approach and end product.

  • What is the purpose and aim of the website?
    Websites are designed with a purpose in mind, a website that does everything is not focussed and could result in loss of business
  • Who is the website targeting and where is your market?
    Content written for a child, for a business manager/decision maker or a general browser is very different, knowing who your visitors are will determine design, flow content and what your definition and measurement of conversion will be.
  • How is your website going to be found?
    A website not found or that gets not ‘traffic’ is of no use to anyone. Before you even start your website, decide on your main marketing strategy, this will determine how the site will be structured for social media, sponsored adverts, organic indexing and so on.
  • What’s your Budget?
    To some this is like asking, how long a piece of string is. These cost vary so and many business owners don’t have a clue on these costs. Websites are developed on so many varying platforms and scripts used, and each developer will be able to justify their costs. There are many aspects to website development and how the final cost is determined, remember there are other costs such as hosting, domain and email facilities.
  • What is your Website Structure?
    Once you can pin this criteria down in a menu structure, this will help you tremendously going forward on what the end product will look like and function.