Easy to Update and Manage

As Technology increases, its used to improve our Websites, but so does the hackers ability increase. Being such a popular Script there is a lot of focus on this script to keep it secure, and so there are numerous updates to do this. This update process is so simple it can be automated, this goes for the plugins used as well.

WordPress is Extendable

WordPress was designed to be a blog, however its also used successfully as a Brochure and eCommerce with the same stability and speed as a blog. WordPress also includes many thousands of templates and plugins extending functionality even further. Now with new generation builders, front end or back end, opens the WordPress script to new levels of design excellence.

Large WordPress Community

WordPress Content Managed Websites have been around for more that 10 years, its also officially the most popular and widely used blog/websites CMS script. As a result there is a lot of support available and there are many handy off the shelf plugins and  scripts. There are numerous updates keeing the script as secure as possible.

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Search Engine Friendly | SEO

Publishing a Website and all that goes with getting it online and then finding out its not indexed or ranked by search engines will cause any business owner to frustrated. WordPress is search engine friendly. This is not an automatic process, There are plugins that will assist in making sure the content is set up for search engines to easily index the site.

WordPress is Cost Effective

Cost is always a factor in any business or organisation. Since WordPress is open source, there is no software to purchase or license costs, this brings cost down significantly. Cost is therefore only aportioned to templates, plugins, design, development and hosting. The big saving is also for updates. as this is done by yourself or inhouse nominated representative via the admin login.

WordPress Websites | Mobile Ready | Most Popular CMS | Open Source | Mature

Content Managed Websites

One of the main reasons a WordPress Website is selected as the Website Script Of Choice is that its Content Managed, commonly known as a CMS Website. In other words, its a Website that has an admin backend facility protected behind a login. The editing format is like a wordprocessor, easy to use and understand.

Responsive Websites

A websites thats responsive changes what it looks like to be best viewed on the relevant screen size its viewed on. Viewing a website on a mobile and on a wide screen cannot be the same. The screen size changes the user esperience. Modern WordPress Templates has this facility, and allows for what contentn to be viewed on what sreen size.

Continous Improvement

WordPress as a Blog and a Website with static pages is a standard to be measured against. The large community behind it has built up a tremendous momentum over the years growing from strength to strength, the growth of the website script could be said to be exponential, however its growth, its a good thing for your business

Website Development done in WordPress for a dynamic Blogs, Static Brochure, or eCommerce will give results that will enhance any business or organisation. A Content Managed System that can actaully be used as an ongoing business tool. No longer do you need to pay for updates, or wait for edits. You update save and its online. We recommend you go online today, cost or technical know how is no longer a valid reason to wait.

WordPress Websites

Content Managed Websites, that will suit your business!